ExcelinEd Summit 2021

We believe every learner is unique and deserves an education that helps them identify their gifts and pursue their passions. We support social entrepreneurs who see beyond the one-size-fits-all model and are creating individualized opportunities for learners.

We will be at the ExcelinEd National Summit on Education Reform on November 18 and 19. You can find us at our exhibit booth and speaking with some of our partners at the following events. See you there!

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Strategy Session 1

Education Unbundled: A New Education System for All Learners

Thursday, November 18, 9:00–10:00 AM EST

Reimagine education through the lens of unbundling and explore how the innovations of today can lead to a new education system designed around individual students. Whether it’s pods, microschools, parent-teacher compacts, part-time public school enrollment, or parent directed funding, emerging policy solutions are expanding learner opportunities and helping students succeed. Join this lively discussion about what barriers exist today and what policy conditions are needed to unbundle the system.

Learn more with these background pieces on unbundling with EdChoice and Getting Smart.


Bernita Bradley
Midwest Regional Advocate,
National Parents Union

Representative Wendy Horman
State of Idaho

Juliet Squire
Partner, Policy and Innovation
Bellwether Education Partners


Adam Peshek
Senior Fellow,
Charles Koch Institute

Strategy Session 2

Skills for Success in Learning, Work, and Life: How Durable Skills Transform a Student’s Experience

Thursday, November 18, 10:15–11:15 AM EST

Every child has tremendous potential and it’s important our education system provides a personalized, engaging framework so that students are able to develop their cognitive, emotional, social, and academic skills. Combined, these skills put every learner on a successful path of life-long learning and fulfillment. This session will explore how states can design systems to support the whole child, engage adolescents in their own development, and how “Durable Skills” will provide students with the necessary tools to be successful on their personal pathways throughout life.

Learn more about CKI’s partnership with America Succeeds’ Durable Skills Initiative.


Cherisse Campbell
Zone Superintendent,
Fulton County Schools

Jake Hirsch-Allen
Workforce Development and Skills Lead, LinkedIn

Tim Taylor
President, America Succeeds


Adam Peshek
Senior Fellow,
Charles Koch Institute

General Session

Erasing the Red Lines: Overcoming Inequity in School Attendance Zones

Thursday, November 18, 2:45–4:00 PM EST

Tim DeRoche, author of A Fine Line: How Most American Kids Are Kept Out of the Best Public Schools, joins Georgia Representative Valencia Stovall, parent-advocate Kelley Williams-Bolar and moderator Derrell Bradford for a timely conversation on inequity in school attendance zones, the impact of local governance on school systems and the disturbing endurance of redlining in education.

Learn more by reading this newsletter and blog post on residential assignment.


Tim DeRoche
Education Consultant,
Author, and Screenwriter

Representative Valencia Stovall
State of Georgia

Kelley Williams-Bolar
Parent Advocate


Derrell Bradford
President, 50CAN

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We support social entrepreneurs with innovative, bottom-up solutions. Our focus areas include unconventional models, residential assignment, and modern education funding.