Shelby Emmett

Free Speech & Peace


Shelby Emmett is director of free expression policy at the Charles Koch Institute. Prior to joining CKI, Emmett was the director of the Center to Protect Free Speech at the American Legislative Exchange Council where she educated state and local policymakers on First Amendment issues. She also has worked as a legislative advocate at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education; a legislative fellow and legislative counsel for the Republican Study Committee; and legislative counsel for the member of Congress representing Michigan’s 11th district where she oversaw a broad portfolio, including education and civil rights.

In addition to her free expression work, Emmett is a personal trainer and a volunteer with the Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

Emmett earned her law degree at the University of the District of Columbia and is licensed in the state of Maryland. She also holds two bachelor of arts degrees in political theory and constitutional democracy and social relations and policy from Michigan State University.

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