Technology & Innovation

Embracing dynamism and experimentation

The Challenge

Technological advances offer millions of people the opportunity to better their lives. Innovation and discovery are our engines of progress. To ensure a future of opportunity we need to embrace a culture of openness toward innovation, where Americans have the ability to explore, discover, and build their own future.

With innovation comes disruption, challenge, and rapid change. But America has always been known for its dynamism and venturesome spirit — we embrace new ideas and adapt. We support the social entrepreneurs at the center of our technological age.

Research Areas

Digital free speech

Protecting free expression and association in the digital world

A culture open to innovation

Removing barriers to new technologies

Particularly in antitrust, privacy, transportation, and telecommunications

educational programs

In partnership with the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, we offer a two-year concentration within the Koch Associate Program for emerging tech leaders.