Outschool, 4.0 Schools named top innovators in education

March 23, 2021

Fast Company magazine has named Outschool the number one innovative education companfor 2021 “for making remote learning fun.” 4.0 Schools also ranked in the top ten for “giving educators an entrepreneurial boost.” Both organizations are Charles Koch Institute (CKI) partners. 

Outschool provides a marketplace for virtual extracurriculars for students ages 3 to 18, while 4.0 Schools invests in and incubates community-centered models of educationFor working parents,” shared Fast Company,  activities have become a pandemic lifeline.” The magazine noted memberships to the platform rose from 80,000 to 1.6 million between March and October of 2020.  

4.0 Schools also received high praise. For teachers, New Orleans–based 4.0 is both a community and an incubator for entrepreneurial ideas.” It went on to reinforce how the organization empowers teachers by highlighting that “4.0’s fellowships provide cash and coaching, giving educators tools to build solutions to challenges they see in their classrooms. 

“We’re inspired by creative platforms and models like Outschool and 4.0,” said CKI Executive Director Derek Johnson. “These two organizations have not only helped learners overcome the unique challenges presented by this pandemicbut they have empowered families to thrive by offering new educational options. It is no surprise to us that these innovative partners were chosen for this well-deserved honor.” 

View Fast Company’s full list. Learn more about CKI’s support for Outschool, and about the impact of Outschool4.0 schools, and other education partners. 

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