Sal Khan, Cadence Learning featured in USA Today

February 17, 2021

Partner Sal Khan of penned an op-ed in USA Today arguing that our country’s education system can, and should, emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger. He writes:  

“The coronavirus has now disrupted nearly an entire year of learning. Tens of millions of students are falling behind. But the crisis in education wasn’t caused by COVID. The pandemic has exposed deep-seated issues that have been holding students back for decades. It’s time to ask: How can we help students come through this crisis with a quality education and, in doing so, transform our entire system of education for the better?”  

Among Khan’s examples, Cadence Learning is praised for “rethinking the traditional calendar.” Learn about Cadence in this brief video. recently launched a new platform for its innovative live-tutoring opportunity, and is partnering with Rhode Island and New Hampshire to make a positive difference in student lives.  

Read the full article at USA Today. 

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