Education, Lisa Snell highlighted in Christian Science Monitor

March 18, 2021

Christian Science Monitor recently featured Charles Koch Institute (CKI) partner and its founder Sal Khan as part of an in-depth look at how tutoring is transforming education. is a free, global online tutoring platform that has helped millions of learners overcome academic challenges during the pandemic. The article focuses on the experiences of a teenaged tutor helping a 52-year-old earn his high-school diploma. This story challenges the notion that education needs to look a certain way, or is reserved for learners of a certain age, delivered by instructors with only a certain set of credentials. As the author noted, “Implemented creatively and broadly, tutoring can create a world where grades and school buildings matter far less than they do now, and where everyone, young and old, can become both a teacher and a learner.”

The article also features CKI Director of K-12 Education Policy Lisa Snell who recently wrote an op-ed demonstrating how programs like provide an effective and more impactful alternative to “a national, centralized tutoring program” that “would create a slow response, where politics and process will stand in the way of students’ needs.”

Read the full article from Christian Science Monitor. And read more about and other CKI education partners.

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