Emerging stronger in 2021

People with first-hand knowledge of the challenges in our country often have the best ideas of how to solve them.

Charles Koch Institute Welcomes Robert Raffety

The Charles Koch Institute is pleased to announce that Robert Raffety has joined its policy team as director of policy strategy, where he will play an instrumental role in coordinating strategy development and assisting in driving the optimization of the team’s efforts. This is a tremendous opportunity for our policy team to benefit from Raffety’s … Continued

U.S. Alliances in the Middle East: A Review

“U.S. Alliances in the Middle East: Security Enhancing or Entangling?” was the latest in a series of discussions designed to spark a national conversation about our foreign policy status quo and its effectiveness at keeping us safe.

Charles Koch Institute Welcomes Nancy Perry Graham

The Charles Koch Institute is pleased to announce that Nancy Perry Graham has joined its communications team to lead the organization’s editorial and creative capabilities. She will also play an instrumental role in the Charles Koch Institute’s Media and Journalism Fellowship, which will benefit from the expertise of a number of media experts and industry … Continued

Ripe for Reform: Criminal Justice in the Commonwealth

Earlier this year, Virginians sent a clear message about their desire to address flaws in the current criminal justice system, with a majority supporting reducing prison costs and the right for restored citizens to get work certification licenses after being released from prison. This month, the Charles Koch Institute, along with the National Association of … Continued

Life After Incarceration: What New Research from Harvard Says About the Impact of the Criminal Justice System

Each year, 600,000 men and women nationwide return from prison to low-income, inner-city communities. Harlem, in particular, has a high number of individuals who have either experienced incarceration themselves or know someone who has, according to recent data. To consider the challenges these formerly incarcerated individuals face when they return home, the Charles Koch Foundation, … Continued

Perspectives on the Future of NATO

The Charles Koch Institute hosted an event on Trans-Atlantic Relations and the Future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in New York City last month. The event featured former ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder, now president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and Barry Posen, director of the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of Restraint: A New Foundation for U.S. Grand Strategy. Rather than focus on nitty-gritty policy details, moderator William Ruger, vice president of research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute, encouraged the panelists to discuss “key ideas for the future.”