Advancing Justice: Governor Asa Hutchinson Keynote Address

Asa Hutchinson, the current Republican governor of Arkansas, has viewed the criminal justice system from a variety of vantage points at both the state and federal levels. He was a U.S. attorney in the 1980s, during the implementation of some of the first mandatory minimum sentencing laws, and he saw the system in a different light through his work … Continued

What Is A2/AD and Why Does It Matter to the United States?

China uses anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) technology to avoid conflicts on its coast and mainland, yet the technology has important ramifications for the United States. On Thursday, September 15, the Charles Koch Institute hosted Eugene Gholz, associate professor of public affairs at The University of Texas at Austin, for a discussion of China’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) … Continued

Sharing a Netflix Password Technically Makes You a Criminal

While it is unlikely that anyone would face federal charges for borrowing or sharing a Netflix password, recent court rulings of the CFAA, the federal anti-hacking law, imply that seemingly simple actions could make someone a felon. Do you stream Netflix on your own account or are you borrowing a password from a friend? How … Continued

Charles Koch on “The Closing of the American Mind”

In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal covering several topics, Charles Koch writes about how the free exchange of ideas, crucial to human advancement, is threatened in modernity. “The U.S. is already far down the path to becoming a less open and free society, and the current cultural and political atmosphere threatens to make … Continued